Three different etchings series
Installation view Niels Borch Jensen gallery, Berlin

Tools of the Workshop (2003)
Dry point, etching, aquatint and photogravure, 11 pieces,
paper size 33 x 25cm, edition 25.

Plate, Ground, Point & Brush, Aquatint Box, Fire, Acid, Water, Paper, Color, Misc., Press. My main tools to think, investigate and print in etching.

Silaup Asijjipallianinga (2009)
Etching and aquatint, three colors, plate size 60 x 60cm, edition 11.

It is a popular legend that the Inuit have an unusually large number of words for snow. Lately I came across an article on climate change in northern Canada. It described the serious impact this has on the lives of the Inuit people. New words, like “silaup asijjipallianinga” (gradual change in the weather), have had to be invented to be able to deal with the new condition of life.

Trial & Failure (1997)
Aquatint, 27 pieces, paper size 44 x 32cm, edition 7.

I invented a picture alphabet of 27 characters. The single images are composed of the modem, fax and telephone wires in my studio.