Ausstellungsansicht „Japan Connection", Galerie Herold, Bremen, 2021, Foto: Franziska von Driesch


In spring 2019, I was able to spend two months in Japan. Since then, I have been working on various projects related to the many impressions I brought back home. 
These include several collaborations with Nagasaki-based artist David Atwood. We had planned parallel exhibitions at CAP House in Kobe for spring 2020. For my show I had made an extensive group of large watercolors, which now will be shown in Japan in Autumn 2022. (In June 2021 some of them were part of my exhibition "Japan Connection" at Galerie Herold Bremen).
In February/March 2020, David and I developed a series of 42 collaborative drawings called "Visual Dialogue". They were made into a Leporello, which was self-published in a small edition (> Publication).
In September 2020, we were able to collaborate at a distance on a room installation for a large group exhibition at Ikasu Villa on MT Rokko in Kobe. I made 2 pencil drawings that were reproduced as wallpaper, and David made sculptures and floor paintings.
In May 2022 my book  “JAPAN GUIDE, A glossary of 229 words” came out. It includes a selection of 28 pencil drawings (more info > Publication)